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Patchwork Faces

In our second session at Lanelly House, we began to work on our final pieces. These were inspired by a wonderful project led by Julie Ann Sheridan an Artist who worked with the Young Artists Club at Oriel Myrddin in Carmarthen.

To begin, Tia read out the fist blog post to allow us to recap on last weeks session. While she was doing this, Hal took portrait photos of Amber and Elwood as they were not with us for the first session.


We then spent around half an hour finishing off our pattern sheets, trying to fill them up with as many different shapes and patterns as we could.

Once the pattern sheets were completed, Pip gave us tracing paper and asked us to stick it down over the top of the portait photos we had taken in the previous session.

We then had the complicated task of drawing a grid onto the tracing paper. This took alot of concentration as each line had to be measured out to ensure the grid would be of an equal size.



Once the grid was completed, we started to work on our portraits using the pattern sheet as guidance. Using felt pens, we drew a different pattern on each of the squares. At first, some of us found this difficult to understand, but by the end of the session everyone had made a good start on their work, creating some wonderful results!

To finish, we played a game which involved splitting into two groups, and taking it in turns to run down the room and write as many words as we could to describe how we felt about today’s session  at Lanelly House.