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The first day of the first project

The first thing we did, on this, the first day of the Llanelly House Big Picture project, was to create continuous line drawings of how we got here – which is like ‘joined-up writing for pictures’.

Maes Y Morfa 1 - 02

Over the next four weeks we will look at different artists… We began by comparing Joshua Reynolds’ portrait of Sir John Stepney…with a painting of a young girl by Pablo Picasso.

The next thing we did was to make our own colour wheels. We mixed the primary colours to make secondary colours and painted them in a circle so it looked ‘like a coloured pizza’ or ‘a brightly coloured pie chart’.

Maes Y Morfa 1 - 06

After the break we had to draw our partners but we couldn’t take our pencil off the paper.

Maes Y Morfa 1 - 10

‘It was hilarious how it turned out!’.

Maes Y Morfa 1 - 12

Then, inspired by Picasso’s use of colour, we used the drawings as the starting point for a painting of ourselves.

Maes Y Morfa 1 - 13

‘I was really happy that we all got together to do this.’

‘It was good being here in Llanelly House.’