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Stories of our lives

Stories of our Lives is a digital portrait photography project offering a window into the lives of six  people living at Hafan Y Coed Care Home Llanelli. The exhibition runs at Llanelly House from 26 April through to 16 May 2016.

Studio portraits

Today was the third and last session of Putting ourselves in the picture the Heol Goffa photography project.


We began by talking about how we were all feeling and scored this out of ten. Some of us were not feeling well and some of us were feeling very happy. Our scores ranged from 4 through to 10.


We set up the room like a photography studio with a special light and the camera on a tripod. Then we took it in turns to take pictures and to be the subject of the pictures.


Some of us had brought along our special objects and they were included in the picture.


Some of the pictures were just us on our own with an interesting composition.


We took lots of photos of each other. These were narrowed down to 3 of each person.

P1020166 - Version 2

After the break we projected the pictures onto a screen and voted as a group on the one that we thought would make the best one to be printed for the exhibition.


We finished the session by looking at the Blog and reflecting on what we felt about the project.

The feedback was amazing. Lots of people gave the project ten out of ten. Here are some of the things that people said:

Really happy about the project!
Really good – I learn’t how to colour in.
I enjoyed taking photographs – I liked the noise of the camera when I took the picture.
I liked being in the pictures.
I enjoyed taking the photos the best.
I liked doing stuff we haven’t done in school.
I liked coming to Llanelly House.


We are looking forward to coming back to Llanelly House after Easter to see the exhibition.