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Me and my routes around Llanelli town

The images are made up from different layers and an opening window reveals a map showing routes between places in Llanelli that we visit.


Today was the last session of Me and my town.  We began by warming up with an exercise to draw other people’s profiles.


We split into 2 groups. Half of us sat whilst the other half drew us. Then we swapped over.


Then we used an overhead projector to create a silhouette.


We got our maps of Llanelli and stuck them down and put our journeys on top. It was fun, enjoyable, exciting and inspiring to see it all put together.


We finished the session by looking at the blog and reviewing the project.


The next time we get together will be at the opening of our exhibition in March.

Working together

Set of maps each representing 8 journeys that different members of the group have have undertaken.