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Pass it on …

Here are the set of drawings that we worked on together. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

Igam, Ogam, oils and ink

Today we began by writing our names in ogham – an ancient Celtic script. (The Welsh ‘Igam ogam’ can be translated as ‘zig zag’)

P1200328We then looked at a book “The Colour of Saying’ celebrating the work of Mary Lloyd Jones a Welsh artist who expresses things about the landscape and her sense of identity by incorporating ogham, symbols and the welsh language in her colourful paintings that are ‘full of feelings’.

Drawing with our eyes closed and making marks with a pencil was the start of making  the next series of artworks. We passed the drawings round to our right adding coloured shapes and lines with oil pastels and then we had to write words in ogham. We finished the paintings  by adding coloured inks.


After the break we reflected on what we hade done and came up with a list of words to describe the paintings we had made. ‘Explosive …very colourful … lliwgar … experimental … amazing … creative … unknown … fantastic’


We finished the second session by using the techniques we had learnt to create an individual  picture of some of the things that are important to each of us.


We are half way through our project. ‘It’s going very quick!’