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Me, myself and Miro

We began this week with a warm up exercise to make a line drawing of Joshua Reynolds’ painting of Sir John Stepney,  the man who lived in the house.


Back upstairs we used Guy as our model for a set of collaborative portraits. Each of us started making an outline of his head. We kept passing our work round to the right adding new features such as eyes and hair etc until the drawing that we had started with returned and everyone had contributed something.

P1200377Using the ink and pastels technique from last week we worked on our image until it was finished. We felt lots of different things about the portraits… ‘Fantastic and pleased’, ‘Good’, ‘Creepy and awesome’, ‘Halloweeny’.


After a break we made 4 large drawings of ourselves using different styles and techniques and drawing inspiration from a black and white photograph of ourselves. First we made a line drawing. Then, with our eyes closed, we drew ourselves. The third drawing was made up of simplified shapes inspired by the work of the surrealist painter Joan Miro. The last one was a time limited drawing lasting only 1 minute.

P1200416We chose one of these drawing to develop with the ink and pastel technique. Some of us were inspired to do a second one.