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First up


Pupils from Maes Y Morfa Primary Community School came back to Llanelly House with their parents and school staff to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of their work.

The exhibition, which sits alongside Joshua Reynolds’s portrait of Sir John Stepney, will run for the next month and includes a framed artwork made by each of the 8 pupils who participated, as well as a description of the 4 week project.

Multi-coloured cut out portraits

Collaboration, cut outs and collage

Today was the last session and we began by tearing and cutting coloured sheets of paper into lots of shapes and sizes.


We looked at the work of an artist called Mattisse, who also used this technique, and then we moved round the table looking at everyone’s shapes, choosing one and sticking it down on each others pictures.


The second time round we stayed put and passed the paper round so that it was covered in multi-coloured shapes.


We worked on one of these pictures with a black oil pastel and the other with a white oil pastel before finishing them off with ink.


We reviewed the project by looking at the blog and then shared thoughts about the project coming to an end with this weeks bloggers:

Awesome, exciting – I want to do more

I feel that experimenting is better than doing safe work – I’m happy because of all the work I’ve done but sad that the project is ended

I was surprised about the project I love doing art for 4 weeks – I was so excited

I’m happy that the project is ending

I’m sad that the project is ending, but glad that we are coming to the exhibition

Sad about ending the project but I’m looking forward to the exhibition

I’m so sad about ending the project because I’ve got to go back to work on Monday mornings

I am upset that the project is ending because I like Art



The self portraits that we made by working onto our experimental drawings with pastels and inks.


Click on any image to see a larger version.

Many faces of Guy

Here are the set of 8 paintings that we made from the collaborative drawings of Guy.

Click on an image to see a larger version