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Showcase for illustration

On Tuesday 20 October 2015 pupils from St John Lloyd’s Catholic Secondary School returned to Llanelly House with their teachers and invited guests to celebrate the work they had created during the Illustration project.

A series of ideas boards were presented in the main gallery space.

The cards were showcased in the cafe.

Feedback on the work was captured in the comments book.


The pupils shared a photo-opportunity with the Mayor,  illustrator Fran Evans and artist Pip Lewis.


Each of the students took home a pack of ten cards printed from their designs.

Mixing it up

We started the workshop today with Pip, who led us through a series of warm up exercises experimenting with a new range of materials including inks, charcoal graphite pencils, pastels, acrylic paints.

It was great to work as a group, adding to each other’s work, and making the images more abstract each time.

After the break Fran suggested ways in which we could develop our individual designs for our cards , looking at layout and how to incorporate colour and mark making using the materials from the warm up exercise.


Several of us chose to work with acrylic paint, to introduce colour into the overall design, either as a background or as a detail.

In the last half an hour we all went outside into the churchyard opposite Llanelly House to make drawings of some of the architectural details, to use as a logo to go on the back of all the cards.




Words and pictures

Today we developed our pictures to go on a greetings card, thinking about how an image can become a product on a shelf.

Illustration (2)03

Fran began by giving some feedback on what we did last week and her thoughts on how we might develop our initial ideas.

Fran explained that by the end of this session she hoped that we will have understood about composing the picture and have decided on the final subject for the card.

Illustration (2)01

Fran gave us tips on what would make a good card

… keep it nice and bright

…something that will work all year round

We looked at the connection between words and images and each of us wrote a page of words as ideas for the title of our card designs.

Before the break we talked about the Blog and Lee offered to take photographs and write about today’s workshop.

Illustration (2)07

After the break we worked on composition and Lee took photographs of us working.


Rowan said … after 4 weeks he hoped to have the best card ever

Illustration (2)16

Mrs Evans said…

Lots of good ideas coming through…nice to see the young people developing their ideas

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We ended the session by asking people how they thought things were going. Here are some of the responses.

I’m really happy with how things are progressing


Good – I like this

I’m thrilled



I’m ready to make it …



The series of initial ideas that we worked on as the starting point for the designs of our individual greetings cards.

Word and image

Today was the first session of the St John Lloyd’s Catholic Secondary School illustration project. Over four sessions, a group of Year 10 students, will work with illustrator Fran Evans and artist Pip Lewis to design their own greetings card.


Fran has written and illustrated a number of children’s books as well as producing a range of greetings cards.


This first session began with a presentation by Fran, introducing illustration, exploring the development of ideas and the process of creating a final, commercially viable image. As part of this we considered the ways that words can work with images to give the right message to the audience that we would like to attract.


We started thinking about ideas and began the process of creating images in a number of different ways, including cutting up magazines, experimenting with backgrounds and creating initial drawings.

Before the next session we will think about and collect inspiring images and objects to develop an ideas page.