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3D heads and things we like

Again, inspired by the trip to Llanelly House last week, the afternoon group from Coleshill created 3D self-portraits, as well as using driftwood to make sculptures.


Inspired by skills we had learned in the taster session, some of used glue guns to stick driftwood together to make things that we like, such as this horse and a ship.

Here are the finished self portraits we made using scrunched-up newspaper and masking tape.

If you click on any of the the small pictures you can see a bigger version.


Putting our heads together ready for the exhibition that will be in Llanelly House in June.


Mirror image

The Coleshill Big Picture project began with two taster sessions to introduce the group to working in 3D.


Artist Toby Downing ran workshops using driftwood to create a 3D sculptural frame for a mirror.


Pip Lewis from spacetocreate ran workshops to make 3D figures using newspaper, wire and modroc.


The workshops were very well attended and everyone worked really hard on their projects. People could chose whether to work with driftwood or mod roc and many people came back again in the afternoon to swap over and do a second 3D project.

The results were fantastic and people really enjoyed the taster day and are looking forward to visiting Llanelly House next week.