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Modelling ourselves

In our second session we brought in our school iPads to show Pip and Tangwen the photos (and drawings) we had taken of our bedrooms.

After sharing them with the class, we drew pictures of our rooms, or the view from our windows, from these photos.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting of his bedroom, some of us also added colour to our pencil drawings in with chalk and oil pastel.

Pip also showed us how to build 3D models out of plasticine, and created our own personalised figurines based on ourselves, or inspired by our interests.

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At the end of the morning we split into two groups, taking it in turns to write 20 different words to describe what we had done or how we felt about it. When we had written them all down we read them out and recorded them.


In our final workshop we painted our masks and developed their character.

Using acrylic paint we transferred the colour designs we made on paper last week onto our masks, to illustrate more about their character.

We also developed the personalities of our masks, writing descriptions of their traits and abilities, before sharing and discussing them as a group and striking poses around Llanelly House.

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We are looking forward to sharing our masks in an exhibition at Llanelly House on March 22.

Character building

In our third session we developed the character of our masks, with facial expressions and more exaggerated features like facial hair, ears, hair and horns.

After trying on some of Guy’s masks and discussing how different masks could change how we thought about the character of the person wearing them, we started planning the character of our own masks.

We drew around our masks, and planned our own characteristics with pencil and paper. We also discussed what we might use to create the effects we wanted.

Once we were happy with our designs we started to add these changes to our masks. This included cutting away and adding to our masks to change the shape. To do this we used modelling clay and pieces of card, which we then covered with more gum tape.

Next week we will be painting our masks so, when we had added our 3D features, we started to think about the colours we wanted to use and plan how our finished masks will look…

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At the end of the workshop Abi, Dan, Daniel and Osian discussed the progress they are making with their masks:

We are all looking forward to adding the finishing touches to our masks next week.