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Pass it on

Week two began with another warm up exercise. We put our hand in a bag and pulled something out. We had to draw it. Then we passed our drawing on and the next person had to make a copy of our drawing. We kept this going until our original drawing came back to us.


It was fun, exciting, inspiring and full of challenges.


We then carried on with our collages from last week. They were quite hard to do but we were very pleased with them.


Things we said about them … should be in Tate Modern …very pleased with it … looks like the work of a famous artist from Tenby … the town hall looks exactly like it doesthe style and effect is good, lovely, colourful…capturing the buildings in your mind …3D collage makes it stand out … smart design.


After the break we turned our attentions away from buildings to work on portraits of ourselves. First we used oil pastels on black and white photocopies of photographs and then we used paint.


It was fun … I liked it … I enjoyed it …  it was amazing.