Ysgol Coedcae School


Over 4 weeks in February 2016, ten pupils from Ysgol Coedcae School, worked with Guy Norman and Tangwen Roberts from spacetocreate on a mask-making project exploring identity through the creation of an alter ego or ‘another self’.

Experimental paper masks provided an introduction to working in 3D.

The more permanent masks were made using brown gum-strip paper tape – a process that is traditionally used to create individually tailored masks for the theatre.


The process began by using strips of tape to make a mould directly onto each person’s face.

Over the next couple of sessions more gum strip tape was added to strengthen the basic shape and add features. The masks that emerged began to take on personalities of their own.

In the third session, drawings of the masks were made and colour was added to bring the drawings to life.

During the final week these drawing were used as a starting point to paint and complete the masks. Descriptions of the characters were written and these were added to by incorporating responses from the group.

On St David’s Day and under the watchful eye of Sir John Stepney, a wonderful cast of contemporary characters briefly took up residence in Llanelly House.


The masks will be on show in the Cafe at Llanelly House from 22 March 2016. To read all the blog posts about Ysgol Coedcae School’s project click on Coedcae in the tag cloud.