St John Lloyd’s School

Over four sessions in the 2015 Autumn term, a group of seven Year 10 students, worked with illustrator Fran Evans and artist Pip Lewis to design a set of individual greetings cards.


Just as Llanelly House is a showcase for the lives and concerns of the people who once lived there, the starting point for the Art of illustration project was things that are most important to us today.

Illustration (2)02

The project provided opportunities to explore:

  • the development of ideas and the processes behind the creation of a final, commercially viable image for a card
  • ways that words can work with images to give the right message to a potential audience
  • the use of a wide range of materials such as inks; charcoal; graphite pencils; pastels and acrylic paints.
  • layout, composition and the incorporation of colour and mark making into the finished card designs


The project ended with time to reflect on each stage of the process, what had been learnt and which materials were most inspiring.

Ideas boards were created for the Art of illustration exhibition, showing the processes behind the development of each students’ final design.

P1230705Twenty prints of the seven cards were made, and one of each design was also displayed in the Llanelly House café.