Maes Y Morfa


Eight year 6 students participating in the “Art Therapy Group” were selected to represent the school in The Big Picture: Llanelly House project.


The working title for the Maes Y Morfa project –  The Colour of Saying – was taken from the title of a book about the work of the Welsh artist Mary Lloyd Jones who is known for her expressive use of colour.

This project was the first of a dozen involving local schools and groups of adults, which over the next 18 months will come together to create The Big Picture: Llanelly House. 

The Colour of Saying was scheduled between 9.30am and 12.30pm over four Mondays during November 2014, beginning on 3 November and in common with all the projects,  draws inspiration from the portraits in Llanelly House using this as a starting point to explore portraiture, identity and a sense of place.


Each of the four sessions was inspired by the work of an artist known for their expressive use of colour – Picasso, Mary Lloyd Jones, Miro and Matisse. The workshops provided opportunities to:

  • Experiment with colour mixing
  • Use a range of techniques and materials to explore responses to colour
  • Work towards the creation of a set of mixed media self portraits

To read the full story of The Colour of saying click on Maes y Morfa in the tag cloud.


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