Halfway Primary School

Ten students from Halfway County Primary School were invited to take part in four weekly workshops throughout November with artist Pip Lewis.

The series of workshops entitled Drawing Around Our Lives were based on life-drawing, exploring how our bodies and faces can express different emotions, and how colour can also reflect how we feel.

The project started with experiments with life drawing, using chalk, charcoal and pencil to draw portraits.

The second workshop involved larger portraits exploring the important things that make up someone’s life or personality.


Black and white photography was introduced in the third session with a series of poses showing different emotions, and a colourful background to reflect the emotion shown.


P1240591In the final workshop, larger versions of the original photos were cut out and stuck onto white paper and a new background was designed with colours to illustrate these emotions.

Tracings of the original photos also created bold portraits.


As well as being used in a school anti-bullying project, Drawing Around Our Lives will be displayed in Llanelli House throughout December 2015.

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