Bynea County Primary

Over three sessions in March 2016, ten pupils from Ysgol Y Bynea worked with Pip Lewis and Tangwen Roberts from spacetocreate on a design and construction project exploring sense of place through the creation of individual paper houses, Plasticine model characters and imaginary shoe box bedrooms.

The project began by pupils making a design for their own nameplate, and making 3D paper models of houses that were personalized with additional features such as chimneys, fences and even solar panels!


In the second session pencil sketches were created from photos of the pupils bedrooms and views from their windows. The photos were taken during the week on ipads from school. After break the pupils created their own Plasticine characters based on themselves, or inspired by their interests.

In the final session imaginary bedrooms were created for the plasticine characters using shoe boxes. Using wall paper samples to cover the walls, the pupils drew around each side of the box on the back of their chosen wallpaper designs, before cutting them out and sticking them onto the shoe box with PVA glue. Once the rooms were wallpapered the pupils used shoe box lids to build and design furniture and decorate their imaginary rooms with carpets, mirrors, windows, posters and secret doors!

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