Artist Toby Downing worked with Pip Lewis from spacetocreate on two projects with different adult groups attending Coleshill during May 2015.


They ran a taster session giving people a chance to find out about the project and decide whether they would like to be part of it. At the taster session participants worked with driftwood to frame mirrors and a material called Modroc and wire to make small sculptures of themselves.



The next week everyone had a chance to visit Llanelly House and have a guided tour around the building.


Over the following two weeks the two groups worked with the artists on a series of 3D art projects. In the first week they constructed model heads and driftwood sculptures. The second week they worked on making moving figures called “Automata” and a set of individual masks.


A selection of all the work is being exhibited in the cafe at Llanelly House from 1 June 2015.

To read the full story of the Coleshill 3D project click on Coleshill in the tag cloud.


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