H0046-L00978621The Big Picture: Llanelly House was designed and delivered by Guy Norman and Pip Lewis, Directors of spacetocreate community arts with the support of Cheryl Kitt, Project Manager with Cambrian Heritage Regeneration Trust.

Over 18 months the project provided opportunities for 12 groups of targeted children and adults to explore identity and portraiture inspired by examples in Llanelly House.

Key aims were: to build confidence and self-esteem; break down prejudice; explore identity and develop a sense of people and place.

A range of visual arts media were used including:P1200423

  • Drawing and painting
  • Collage and Print
  • Projection and silhouettes
  • 3D work eg modelling, mask making, puppetry
  • Photography, Film and sound recordings

A summary of each of the projects with children can be seen by clicking on schools in the menu bar and then choosing the name of the school.

The same can be done for the projects with adults.

The tag cloud also provides opportunities to view the work by theme or the name of the school or group.

At the end of the project, a selection of the work created by each of the participating schools and groups was shown in an exhibition at Llanelli Library in June 2016. Download the exhibition booklet.

The project was funded through the heritage lottery fund.


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