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Character building

In our third session we developed the character of our masks, with facial expressions and more exaggerated features like facial hair, ears, hair and horns.

After trying on some of Guy’s masks and discussing how different masks could change how we thought about the character of the person wearing them, we started planning the character of our own masks.

We drew around our masks, and planned our own characteristics with pencil and paper. We also discussed what we might use to create the effects we wanted.

Once we were happy with our designs we started to add these changes to our masks. This included cutting away and adding to our masks to change the shape. To do this we used modelling clay and pieces of card, which we then covered with more gum tape.

Next week we will be painting our masks so, when we had added our 3D features, we started to think about the colours we wanted to use and plan how our finished masks will look…

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At the end of the workshop Abi, Dan, Daniel and Osian discussed the progress they are making with their masks:

We are all looking forward to adding the finishing touches to our masks next week.


Facial Features

In our second session we started to add some character to our masks, with facial features. We began with a warm up, working in pairs and taking it in turns to draw our partner’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Once we had practiced drawing these features, we were ready to add eyes and a mouth to our masks. We put the masks on so our partners could draw around the edge of our faces, and we trimmed the outside of our masks to make them even. Then, we felt for our eyes and mouth with our hands, and pointed them out for our partners to mark them.

Once we had cut out the eyes and mouth we used more gum tape to strengthen our masks and used shredded corrugated cardboard to add distinctive features, like eyebrows and ears.


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Listen to Maddison and Abigail describe how they developed their masks:

Mask Making

Tuesday February 2nd was the first workshop for a group of year 7 students from Ysgol Coedcae School, who will be working with artist Guy Norman over the next three weeks, exploring identity and expression through mask-making.

We began with a warm up exercise, making 3D shapes from a flat piece of paper. We rolled, folded and tore up our pieces of paper, before cutting out a flat paper mask. We added some of the 3D shapes to our masks to express something about our personalities.

Then we took it in turns to make our own 3D masks. Using tissue paper, gum paper tape and water we moulded these masks to fit each others faces.

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Over the next three weeks we will be personalising our own masks with different textures and colours.


Having the mask on my face felt weird – it was all sticky and gluey!